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yaesu vx-146

Yaesu VX-146

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The Yaesu VX-146 is the latest model in the Vertex Standard range of high quality, cost effective handheld transceivers for the European PMR446 service.

The designers of the VX-146 gave it a very strong polycarbonate case and a tight seal between the battery case and radio to ensure the electronics remain unaffected by adverse weather conditions.

Vertex Standard's unique trademarked 'Automatic Range Transpond System- ARTS' is fitted to the VX-146, enabling the user to know exactly when they are out of range from another suitably equipped ARTS transceiver.

Other features of this radio include 3 programmable function buttons for controlling selective calling, lamp and lock. The Yaesu VX-146 also has full CTCSS and DCS group and user selective calling features. The radio can be set-up to emit a bell ringer tone upon reception of a CTCSS tone or DCS signalling sequence that matches with one programmed into the radio.

All features and functions of the Yaesu VX-146 can be selected on a PC before downloading them to the radio. In this way the VX-146 is fully PC programmable. This radio can also be easily cloned in the field using the optional CT-27 clone cable.

Other optional accessories for the VX-146 include a hands-free set for voice operation of the radio.



  • Ni-Cd Battery
  • Desktop Charger

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