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Unit 12, Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall Close, Winchester SO23 0LB Hampshire UK
Yaesu VR-120d

Yaesu VR-120d

A compact, durable scanner.
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The Yaesu VR-120d has a highly durable polycarbonate case that is protected against water ingress. When this is combined with the long battery life of the Yaesu VR-120d it becomes apparent that this compact receiver is perfect for when you're out in the field.

This Yaesu model supercedes the original VR-120 with a DC socket and the ability to charge the internal optional nicads. It comes with 12 preset modes, which act as great starting points for tuning in the available bands. It also has a versatile 640-channel memory system (10 banks of 64 channels) such that you can, for example, group shortwave broadcast, FM broadcast, public safety and amateur radio channels separately. In addition the VR-120d can be programmed with 4 priority channels that can be accessed at a single press of a button.

This neat little Yaesu scanner has continuous coverage of the frequency range 0.1-1299.995 MHz. The operating mode (AM/FM/Wide-FM) and appropriate step size are selected automatically but may be changed manually. With the VR-120d you get a wide choice of scanning modes. You can both set scanning limits and choose to skip certains stations if desired. Other memory scan features include:

  • Full memory scan
  • Memory bank scan
  • Selected memory channel ("preferential") scan
  • Programmable band-limit memory scan (PMS)
  • Smart search (Automatic memory loading)
  • Priority channel watch
  • Dual watch

There is also a "channel counter" feature which allows you to manually zero in on a strong signal in your immediate vicinity. For those of you who occassionally tire of monitoring there is a slot machine game to pit your wits against!

Other features include:
Front panel key lock - Key beeper on/off selection - Battery-saving timer-out timer - Front end attenuator for strong signal conditions - Internal "bar" antenna for AM BC - Menu selection of earpiece antenna - S-meter buzzer - Cloning capability to other VR-120s.


  • BNC antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Wrist strap

Programming Software for Yaesu VR-120d

Experimental software for the Yaesu VR-120d has been developed by Robert S. Parnass, MS. This software, tk120, was primarily developed for Linux, MacOS X, and BSD users, however it will also work on Microsoft Windows (95 and later). The current version of this software works with USA, Japanese and export VR-120 and VR-120d models.

More information on the features and copywrite of tk120 can be found at the website of Robert S. Parnass. From this site you can also download the Yaesu VR-120d software free of charge, simply follow the link below.

Visit VR-120d software download page

Yaesu Extras
VR-120d Optional Accessories


  • E-DC-15 DC Cable
  • PA-30 AC Adapter
  • FNB-79 NiCad Battery Pack
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