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2-12-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-8512, Japan



Uniden USC230-e

Compact Race Scanner .
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Uniden have recently updated their USC230 scanner to the Uniden USC230-e, which has been designed with the European market in mind. This scanner no longer has such a strong focus on monitoring racing frequencies; a pass-time which is much more popular in the US. As a result the large headphones have been dropped. Instead Uniden now include a complimentary copy of Butel's ARC230E PC control software, in addition to a PC connection cable.

The Uniden USC230-e retains a host of impressive features including the ever popular Close-Call, CTCSS and DCS tones and 8.33kHz step sizes for airband compliance. The full frequency coverage of this scanner is outlined below:

  • 25 - 87 MHz, Citizen Band, Amateur Band, VHF Low Band
  • 108 - 174 MHz, Land Mobile, Amateur Band, VHF High Band
  • 216 - 255 MHz, Amateur Band
  • 400 - 512.0000 Land Mobile, Amateur Band, UHF Band
  • 806 - 960 MHz, Analogue Phone and More
  • 1240 - 1300 MHz, Amateur Band.

The USC230-e has up to 2500 dynamically allocated channels. This ensures you have plenty of room to store information about all the radio systems you want to monitor. The memories can be organised in whatever way you like by using Uniden's exclusive dynamic memory management system.

At other public events you may not be aware of the frequency of the nearby transmissions. However, Uniden's exclusive Close Call technology (also a feature of the UBC72XLT and UBC92XLT) ensures you can lock on to these transmissions programming required.

Other features of this scanner are mentioned below:

  • Quick Key System Access - Lets you quickly select the systems or race you want to hear by pressing the 0-9 keys during scanning.
  • DCS (104)/CTCSS(50) Rapid Decoding - Locks in and displays the currently used tone instantly, and prevents other radio systems from interfering with the drivers you want to hear.
  • Delay - Helps to prevent missed replies during 2-way conversations.
  • Pre-Programmed Search Service For Airband - Helps find unlisted frequencies in use in your area.
  • Search And Store Operation - Automatically stores found frequencies in the system you specify, so you can be sure to catch even infrequently used channels.
  • Backlit Display - Makes it easy to see during nightime operation. Plus, Uniden's patented backlight-on-squelch feature turns on the light only when there is channel activity.
  • Priority Scan - More frequently scans the channels you have designated as priority channels.
  • Attenuator - Cuts down interference from strong nearby signal sources.

The USC230-e provides flexiblity in choice of batteries: Alkaline for long life, rechargeable for economy (batteries can be charged whilst in the scanner).


  • User manual
  • Antennas
  • Belt Clip
  • Wrist strap
  • AC adaptor
  • Batteries
  • Butel ARC230E software
  • PC connection cable

Programming Software for Uniden USC230-e

The USC230-e includes a PC connection cable and ARC230E PC control software. This will allow you to transfer programming data to and from your computer, and allow you to control you scanner via PC. This helps you find frequencies listed on the internet and load them into your scanner.

The Uniden USC230-e also has clone mode, which allows you to transfer data and other parameters directly from one scanner to another.

Uniden Extras
Uniden Optional Accessories


  • BNC Whip Antenna
  • BP200 Nicad Battery
  • BP205 Slide Battery
  • BP220 Spare Battery
  • RD9 Cigar Adaptor Lead
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