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Uniden logo Uniden Scanners / Receivers
2-12-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-8512, Japan
Uniden UBC72XLT

Uniden UBC72XLT

Compact and functional.
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This slick new model from Uniden has a surprisingly large frequency range: 25.0-87.2625 MHz, 108.0173.99 MHz, and 406.0512.0 MHz. The UBC72XLT is therefore suitable for listening to VHF low band, aircraft, military land mobile, amateur 70cm and 2m bands, VHF high band and UHF public services. Airband listeners will be pleased to hear that the new 8.33kHz step size is included. The main features of the Uniden UBC72XLT are mentioned below:

  • Chain Search
  • Triple-Conversion Superhet
  • Two Second Scan Delay
  • Lockout Function
  • 10 Priority Channels
  • 2 Service Banks (Aircraft and FM CB)
  • Key Lock
  • Direct Access
  • Display Backlight
  • Extended Memory Backup
  • Key Confirmation Tones
  • Battery Low Indicator

The Uniden UBC72XLT has a total of 100 memories, and a scan speed of 60 steps per second in normal mode or 180 steps per second in hyper mode.

The UBC72XLT can be powered either by batteries or using an AC adaptor (both of which are included).


  • 2AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Mains Adaptor/Charger
  • Flexible BNC Aerial
  • Belt Clip

Programming Software for Uniden UBC-72XLT

Uniden Extras
Uniden Optional Accessories


  • BNC Whip Antenna
  • BP200 Nicad Battery
  • BP205 Slide Battery
  • BP220 Spare Battery
  • RD9 Cigar Adaptor Lead
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