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Optional Accessories for Uniden Bearcat Scanners

 Please allow up to 2 weeks for scanner accessories to arrive.

Uniden Whip Antenna
BNC fitting


Uniden Whip Antenna



Our Price:   £8.95

This is a replacement whip suibable for BC 280, 780 and 9000 models.





Uniden BP200
Nicad battery pack


Uniden BP200



Our Price:   £16.95

6 x AA replacement battery pack.





Uniden BP205
Slide on battery pack


Uniden BP205



Our Price:   £34.95

Slide on battery pack for UBC 100XLT and 200XLT.





Uniden BP220
Replacement battery


Uniden BP220



Our Price:   £19.95

Replacement battery for UBC 120XLT and 220XLT.





Uniden BP2500
Slide on battery pack


Uniden BP2500



Our Price:   £39.95

Slide on battery pack for UBC 2500XLT and 3000XLT.





Uniden RD9 Lead
Cigar adapator lead


Uniden RD9



Our Price:   £13.95

Cigar adaptor lead suitable for UBC-220XLT.







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