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Uniden logo Uniden Scanners / Receivers
2-12-7 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-8512, Japan
Uniden UBC-105XLT

Uniden UBC-105XLT

Including Airband and Low VHF Band.
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The Uniden UBC-105XLT is particularly suited to the airband listener who is interested in trying out a few new frequencies, such as those for military land mobile and radio amateurs. It has frequency coverage from 29 - 512MHz, with gaps:

  • 29-54 MHz VHF Low Band
  • 108-137 MHz Aircraft
  • 137-144 MHz Military Land Mobile
  • 144-146 MHz Amateur 2m Band / VHF Hi
  • 146-174 MHz VHF High Band
  • 406-512 MHz Amateur 70cm Band / UHF Public Services

This scanner has ten channel storage banks, each of which can store 10 channels (100 programmable memories in total). It has a search speed of 20 steps per second and a scan speed of 15 channels per second. Using the search skip function you can avoid up to 20 unwanted frequencies. There is also the option of selecting a priority channel which can be checked every 2 seconds, ensuring you don't miss desireable transmissions.

The display on the front of the UBC-105XLT is large and clear, and a backlight ensures it is legible in low light conditions.

The Uniden UBC-105XLT can be powered by 9V DC or by 4 AA batteries.

Other features include:
2 second automatic scan delay - lockout function - 2 second scan delay.


  • Rubber duck antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Handbook

Programming Software for Uniden UBC-105XLT

Uniden Extras
Uniden Optional Accessories


  • BNC Whip Antenna
  • BP200 Nicad Battery
  • BP205 Slide Battery
  • BP220 Spare Battery
  • RD9 Cigar Adaptor Lead
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