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Radio Scanning Books.

 Please allow up to 2 weeks for scanner accessories to arrive.

The UK Scanning Directory 9th Edition
Britains largest and best selling VHF/UHF frequency directory





Our Price:   £19.75

Britain's most comprehensive frequency list. Covers everything from aircraft to zoos. Thousands of verified frequencies listed.

The 9th edition of the UK Scanning Directory is packed full of VH/UHF frequencies - from 26 MHz to 2.5 GHz.

Frequencies are listed for civil and military aviation, army, navy, police, DSS snoopers, GCHQ, prisons, eye-in-the-sky links, bailiffs, outside broadcasting, motor racing, universities, railways, telephones, couriers ...and many more!

A separate section of the guide lists every airport and military airfield in alphabetical order to make finding frequencies easier and quicker.

As well as frequency lists there are also articles on scanning and the law, scanning for beginners, how to monitor PMR, the military and civilian aviation bands, Formula One and rallies and a late news section for the very latest discoveries.







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