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  Motorola logo Motorola Two Way Radio / PMR-446 / Walkie Talkies
Unit 2/3 Mitchell Way, Portsmouth, Hampshire


Motorola T5522


Motorola 2 x T5522

Pair of Motorola T5522 Licence Free 2 way Radios.
Price: £94.99

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Motorola began as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928 but adopted the name 'Motorola' in 1947 when the company started manufacturing car radios.

Although most famous for the manufacture of mobile phones, motorola have developed a wide range of communication products. In fact it was Motorola who coined the term 'walkie talkie' for the SCR-300 Motorola two way radio.

Motorola T5532

Motorola 2 x T5532

Motorola T5532 Twin Pack.
Price: £104.99

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