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Scanners priced under £100

Maycom AR-108

World class, affordable airband monitoring.
Price: £74.99

Alinco DJ-X3

Includes stereo FM transmission.
Price: £142.50
Uniden UBC-69XLT

Uniden UBC-69XLT

Outstanding value for money!
Price: £64.99
Uniden UBC72XLT

Uniden UBC72XLT

A stylish new scanner with 8.33kHz step.
Price: £104.99
Uniden UBC92XLT

Uniden UBC92XLT

Stylish, compact and well-equipped.
Price: £114.99
Uniden UBC30XLT

Uniden UBC30XLT

Ultra compact scanner.
Price: £64.95

Uniden USC230

A compact Race scanner from Uniden.
Price: £134.99

Maycom FR-100

Includes 8.33kHz airband spacing..
Price: £84.95


A superb value scanner from GRE.
Price: £64.99


Another superb value offering from GRE.
Price: £84.99


Superb features and coverage for under £100
Price: £132.95



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