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Icom handheld scanner
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Unit 9, Sea Street Industrial Estate, Herne Bay Kent CT6 8LD England
Icom IC-R3

Icom IC-R3

Handheld audio/video receiver with TFT LCD display.
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The Icom IC-R3 has a 2 inch TFT colour screen which can display broadcast visual information such as tv programs and pictures from wireless cameras. This receiver is ideal for sporting events, security, amateur tv and commercial broadcasts.

It is also a wideband receiver, with frequency coverage of 0.495-2450 MHz, and has AM, FM and WFM modes built in. The 2" TFT display also has radio uses; it shows the operating status, has a signal-strength indicator and band scope. The band scope allows you to analyse activity within a specified band, adjustable to 500 kHz wide.

In addition to 400 memory channels the IC-R3 has 50 scan edge memories for programming frequency ranges. A further 10 video memories allow quick retrieval of favourite video sources.

The Li-ion battery allows up to 27 hours of continual operation.

Other features include:
Multi function joystick - automatic sqelch - tone squelch features - built in attenuator - one touch semi duplex monitoring capability - auto power off timer - remaining battery power indicator.


  • Telescopic antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Wall charger
  • Li-Ion battery pack
  • Spacer for optional operation on AA batteries

Programming Software for Icom IC-R3

If you own an Icom IC-R3 scanner you may be interested in downloading some software for it. Such programs have been developed by both Butel and Robert S. Parnass, MS.

The software from Butel, ARC3, is free to download but has the limitation of not allowing you to upload data back to the scanner. A registration code must be purchased to enable full functionality. For more information on this software package, and to download the demo version of ARC3, follow the link below.

Visit Butel for Icom IC-R3 software download

Experimental open source software for the Icom IC-R3 has been developed by Robert S. Parnass, MS. This software, tk3, was primarily developed for Linux, MacOS X, and BSD users, however it will also work on Microsoft Windows (95 and later).

The current version works both with USA and Canadian models plus Japanese and European IC-R3 variants which employ 9kHz AM BCB spacing. More information regarding features and copywrite of tk3 can be found at the IC-R3 web page of Robert S. Parnass. From this site it is possible to download the Icom IC-R3 software free of charge, simply follow the link below.

Visit tk3 software download page

Icom Extras
IC-R3 Optional Accessories


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