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Icom handheld scanner
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Unit 9, Sea Street Industrial Estate, Herne Bay Kent CT6 8LD England
Icom IC-R20

Icom IC-R20

Ideal for scanning, monitoring and recording... a very advanced scanner.
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This receiver has a frequency coverage of 150 kHz to 3304.999 MHz in SSB, CW, AM, FM and WFM modes. The Icom IC-R20 is therefore ideal for radio and tv broadcasts, boater communication, aviation, public safety and a variety of other uses.

The IC-R20 is a dualwatch receiver... it is capable of monitoring two different frequencies simultaneously. One specific use of such a feature is listening to two different drivers at a race track.

The IC-R20 has an inbuilt 32MB memory which can be used to store received audio. The receiver can then be connected to a computer through its USB port, such that the audio may be stored or forwarded to another destination.

CTCSS and DTCS signalling formats are included which allows interference to be reduced when many users share the same channel.

The IC-R20 has alphanumeric memory channels - 1,000 regular memory channels, 200 automatic memory scan channels and 25 pairs of frequency scan edges. Dynamic memory banks can be used to tag memory channels. The maximum number of channels in a bank is 100 and the maximum number of banks is 26. Banks can be linked for customised memory bank scanning. Multiple scanning functions are included such as scan delay and scan resume.

This receiver can be powered by an internal Li-ion battery, three AA alkaline cells or via an AC adaptor or cigarette lighter cable.

Additionaly the IC-R20 has a band scope with the added bonus of being able to hear the signal while sweeping the range. This allows one to assess whether the signal is modulated.

Other features include:
Scans 100ch/sec in VFO mode - tone scan - voice squelch control - offset monitor capability - auto squelch and squelch monitor capability - built in attenuator and RF gain - Noise blanker, ANL (Auto Noise Limiter), AF filter - AFC (Auto Frequency Control) - CI-V PC remote control capability with optional CT-17 - Built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM broadcast - FM earphone cord antenna capability - Dial speed-up function - Auto power off and power save functions - Key lock function - Rotary selector and up/down buttons are reversible - Preprogrammed with TV and popular shortwave channels.


  • Lithium ion battery pack
  • AC adaptor
  • Belt clip
  • Handstrap
  • Antenna

Programming Software for Icom IC-R20

Amongst the available software for your Icom IC-R20 scanner is Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD), a suite of Windows programs providing CAT control for supported transceivers and receivers. HRD also includes mapping and PSK31 software. This kit is absolutely free to radio amateurs.

This software, which is compatible with many receivers beside the Icom IC-R20, was developed by Simon Brown, a software engineer, and Peter Halpin, a retired aircraft technician. Click the link below in order to find out more about HRD and to download this software package.

Visit HRD website for Icom IC-R20 download

Alternatively you can download Icom CSR20 software and a NFR20 memory management program from the following site. The web page is rather large, please scroll about two-thirds of the way down the page.

Icom IC-R20 and NFR20 software

Icom Extras
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