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GRE, Tokyo, Japan


Superb value for money. Up to 1300MHz!
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The GRE PSR-295 handheld scanner covers the frequency range 25 - 1300MHz. Additionally it is programmed with service search banks for convenience. The PSR-295 scanner gives you direct access to over 61,000 frequencies including those used by various large organisations. Features include 10 channel storage banks - allowing you store 100 channels in each bank to group channels so calls are easier to identify. Data cloning lets you transfer the programmed data to another scanner. Other GRE PSR-295 features are listed below:

  • Frequency Ranges - 25-88Mhz(5kHz), 118-137Mhz (8.33kHz),137-174Mhz(12.5kHz), 216-225Mhz(5kHz),225-400Mhz(12.5kHz),400-512Mhz(12.5kHz), 806-824Mhz(12.5kHz),824-894Mhz(10kHz),894-960Mhz(12.5kHz), 1240 -1300Mhz(12.5kHz).
  • Channels - 1000
  • Pre-programmed Search Feature
  • Modes - AM / FM
  • Step sizes - 5kHz, 10kHz, 12.5kHz.
  • Delay time -2 seconds
  • Antenna Impedance  - 50 Ohms BNC Fitting
  • Display type - LCD
  • Dimensions - 171 x 59 x 40 mm
  • Weight (without batteries) - 240g






Programming Software for GRE PSR-295

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