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Room 1901, Paul Y Centre, 51 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Maycom FR-100

Maycom FR-100

Includes 8.33 kHz airband spacing.
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Like Maycom's other offering, the AR-108, the Maycom FR-100 is first and foremost an airband scanner. It has 8.33 kHz spacing in the airband, which is unusual for a scanner in this price range. With a frequency coverage of 66 - 470 MHz arranged in five bands the Maycom FR-100 is useful for listening to amateur, marine, security and PMR, in addition to air broadcasts. This scanner has 150 memory channels split evenly between the bands (30 channels per band).

The Maycom FR-100 has a number of other useful features including the capacity to retain memories when the batteries are removed from the unit. The frequency is directly programmable, there is a low battery warning, and the LCD display has both a signal strength indicator and a back light for night time use.

The Maycom FR-100 is powered either internally by 3 AA batteries, or externally using 4.5-6.0V DC.


  • SMA antenna
  • Belt clip
  • Hand strap

Programming Software for Maycom FR-100

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