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Optional Accessories for Alinco DJ-X3

 Please allow up to 2 weeks for scanner accessories to arrive.

EDC105/EDC96 Drop in Charger
Drop-in type charger for DJ-X3


EDC105/EDC96 Charger



Our Price:   £27.90

Price includes both the EDC105 drop in base and the EDC96 wall mains adaptor. The photo shows the drop in base.





EA-81 Antenna
Also fits DJ-X2


EA-81 Antenna



Our Price:   £12.95

Antenna suitable for DJ-X2 and DJ-X3 scanners.





EBC-6 Mobile Bracket
For all handheld scanners with belt clip


EBC-6 Mobile Bracket



Our Price:   £12.95

Mobile bracket for DJ-X10 and DJ-X2000.





EBC-18 Belt Clip
DJ-X3 belt clip


EBC-18 Belt Clip



Our Price:   £3.95

Belt Clip for Alinco DJ-X3.





EBP-52NS Ni-MH Battery
500 mAh 3.6 Volt


EBP=52NS Battery



Our Price:   £25.95

Re-chargeable battery pack for DJ-X3.





EBP-54N High Power Ni-MH Battery
High power


EBP-54N Battery



Our Price:   £29.95

High power black colour battery for DJ-X3.





EDC-43 Power Cable
Mobile DC power cable


EDC-43 Power Cable



Our Price:   £6.95

Mobile DC power cable with filter for Alinco DJ-X3.





EME-6 Earphone
For all recent Alinco models


EME-6 Earphone



Our Price:   £10.95

Earphone fits DJ-X3, DJ-X10 and DJ-X2000.





ERW-4C Computer Interface
Computer interface


ERW-4C Computer Interface



Our Price:   £37.95

Computer interface for connecting scanner to PC. For X3, X10 and X2000.





ESC-37 Soft Case
Scanner soft case


ESC-37 Soft Case



Our Price:   £14.95

Soft case for DJ-X3.







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