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Optional Accessories for AOR AR-8200

 Please allow up to 2 weeks for scanner accessories to arrive

8200PC Computer Connecting Lead
With level shift interface


8200PC Lead



Our Price:   £74.90

This lead has a special connector at one end for fitting to the AR8200 AUX side socket and a 9-pin connector at the other end for fitting to a PC serial port. It is approximately 1 metre in length and has a built in level shift interface (no external power required).





CR8200 Tape recorder lead / Interface unit
Lead plus interface


CR8200 Lead



Our Price:   £39.90

The matchbox size active interface (no external power required) provides low level audio output for tape recording through a 3.5mm mono jack plug. The 2.5mm mono jack plug provides DC tape motor switching. Because both the audio output and remote connectors are squelch activated, the CR8200 can be used for tape recorders with a remote controller as well as those using VOX/VOR activation.





CO8200 Data Clone Lead
Cloning lead


CO8200 Data Clone Lead



Our Price:   £39.00

For copying data between two AR8200 scanners without the EM8200 slot card or 8200PC lead.





OS8200 AUX Connector
Includes 1m of cable


OS8200 AUX Connector



Our Price:   £14.90

This is an AUX connector with about 1 metre of open end cable attached to it. Could be used for discriminator output or making your own interface or recording connections. Your own plug will need to be fitted for connection to other peripherals.





RT8200 Reaction Tune Lead
For frequency counter connection





Our Price:   discontinued

Reaction tune lead which allows AR8200 to be connected to a compatible frequency counter, such as the Opto Scout.





CT8200 Optional CTCSS Slot Card
Easy upgrades


CT8200 Slot Card



Our Price:   £69.90

This slot card enables the AR8200 to search for 50 CTCSS tones which may be in use on the current receive frequency and to save a specific CTCSS tone (from the 50 available) into each VFO, search bank and memory channel individually. CTCSS allows operators to only hear traffic intended for them. It is generally used by amateur band repeaters, public utilities and private mobile radio services.





EM8200 Optional External Extended Memory Slot Card
Easy upgrades


EM8200 Slot Card



Our Price:   £59.90

If you are running out of storage space then this slot card is ideal. It can be used to store the entire contents of the AR8200, including memory channels, environmental operating data and band scope... 4 times (in locations 0, 1, 2 and 3). You can choose what data you wish to be backed up, as well as the location you would like it to be saved.





TE8200 Optional Tone Eliminator Slot Card
Easy upgrades


TE8200 Slot Card



Our Price:   £39.90

This card allows the AR8200 to ignore certain transmissions that would otherwise stop the can and search process. Constant tones are often transmitted by e.g. public utilities and railways. There are 256 values for the tone eliminator, representing a frequency range of 0.4 to 4.2 kHz.





VI8200 Optional Voice Inverter Slot Card
Easy upgrades


VI8200 Slot Card



Our Price:   £59.90

By splitting up the audio spectrum and "flipping" the upper and lower tones around a certain frequency point, the VI8200 allows the AR8200 to recover intelligible audio from certain types of analogue transmissions which would otherwise sound scrambled. Although initially developed to descramble Japanese cordless phones, various UK PMR services use simple inversion e.g. PMR446.





RU8200 Optional Record and Playback Slot Card
Easy upgrades


RU8200 Slot Card



Our Price:   £59.90

Record 20 seconds of audio to a chip in the RU8200 for later playback. The card is re-writable and may be used in VFO, scan, search and memory read modes.







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