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Alinco logo Alinco PMR-446 / Walkie Talkies
Shin Dai Bldg 8F 1-2-6 Dojimahama, Kita-ku Osaka 530-0004 Japan
alinco dj-s446

Alinco DJ-S446

Single handset.
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The Alinco DJ-S446 is a pager size handset with 1000 memories plus a quick recall channel. It has a large clear display and a neat pivotting antenna.

Other useful features of the Alinco DJ-S446 include the dual-port horn speaker system and busy/timer/skip scan modes. If you are planning on wading through tropical swamps you will be pleased to hear that Alinco have also included an experimental mosquito repelling sound!

Other features of the Alinco DJ-S446 are mentioned below.

  • Battery Saver and Auto Power off
  • Bell ( Pager ) function
  • Time out timer and Busy channel lock out
  • Battery level indicator
  • Anti-theft alarm


    Alinco Extras
    DJ-S446 Optional Accessories


  • EDC 79 AC Adapter
  • EMS 47 Speaker Mic
  • EDH 18 Cigar lighter adapter
  • ESC 27 Soft case
  • EBC 6 Mobile bracket
  • EME 15 Tie pin vox mic/earphone
  • EME 13 Headset with earpad vox mic
  • EME 4 Earphone mic
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    Alinco DJ-SR1
    Alinco DJ-SR1


    Single handset option.
    Alinco DJ-446 Pro
    Alinco DJ-446 Pro


    Single handset option.
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