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Unit 9 Dimple Road Business Centre Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3JX England
AOR AR-8200 MarkIII

AOR AR-8200 MarkIII

World class receiver with coverage from 0.5-3000 MHz.
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The AOR AR-8200 MarkIII scanner has frequency coverage from 0.5-3000 MHz and receives AM, Narrow AM, USB, LSB, CW, Auto, WFM, NFM, SFM. It has an even better Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator for solid frequency stability. AOR have improved the RF circuits resulting in greater sensitivity, resistance to intermod products and enhanced Signal to Noise ratios.

Supplied with the unit are two NiMH AA cells that can be charged whilst the AR-8200 MarkIII B is in operation.

Interestingly this AOR scanner is expandable due to the development of a slot card system. There are 5 different slot cards to choose from which increase the options available to the operator - Choose from Memory Expansion (up to 4,000 memories), CTCSS Squelch & Search, Tone Eliminator, and Record Audio (saves up to 20 seconds of audio) .

This receiver has 1000 memory channels (memories can be varied in size), 20 memory banks and 40 search banks.

Other features include:
New TCXO for greater stability - 2 VFOs - Alphanumeric channel and bank labels - Computer control and programming (requires optional connection cable) - True carrier reinsertion in USB and LSB modes. Includes 3 KHz SSB filter - Detachable MW antenna with negative feedback - Tuning steps programmable in multiples of 50 Hz in all modes - 8.33 KHz airband step is correctly supported - Noise limiter and attenuator - Band activity "scope" display with "save trace" capability - Four-way side panel rocker switch allows one-hand operation - Large, backlit, multifunction display and illuminated keypad - Battery Save function with Low Battery indicator.


  • 2 NiMH AA batteries
  • charger
  • cigar lead
  • telescopic antenna
  • MW bar aerial
  • belt clip
  • carry strap

Programming Software for AOR AR-8200 MarkIII

If you are looking for software for your AR-8200 scanner you may find it useful to visit the software page of the AOR website. A wealth of different programs are available for download, including the free full version of AOR's very own Workshop V2.0.6 control software.

The AOR workshop package not only provides RS-232 control of the AOR AR-8200 scanner but also includes the AOR Data Base Toolkit.

This freeware has a multiple document interface for display and easy editing of radio memory data. Also present is a status display on the toolbar and user-friendly frequency and mode tuning. Many features are included in this package, such as control over recieve frequency, mode, attenuator and access to both memory and search banks allowing easy editing, upload and download. What's more a clear text based window makes it possible to edit the auto mode bandplan data. This software also includes a spectrum display.

Using this software your AOR AR-8200 scanner can become the centrepiece of a complete monitoring installation. Please note that the current version of this program supports memory file formats for the CT8200 and TE8200 slot cards... older style memory files cannot be read in. If you wish to obtain further information on this package (or different software packages) please click the link below. You will be taken to the AOR software download page where you can download the desired program.

Visit AOR AR-8200 software download page

Alternatively you may wish to download JAOR AR8200 control software. This software enables full function, memory management, configuration and remote access of the scanner from a PC running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or XP.

Jaor AOR AR-8200 software download page

AOR Extras
AR8200 Optional Accessories


  • CC8200 Comp. interface + CD soft.
  • CO8200 Data clone lead
  • CR8200 Tape lead
  • CT8200 CTCSS card
  • EM8200 Memory slot card
  • OS8200 Auxiliary connector
  • RT8200 Reaction tune lead
  • RU8200 Record/playback card
  • SC8200 Soft case
  • TE8200 Tone eliminator
  • VI8200 Voice inverter card
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